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Hi all you Bijagoistas,

I hope your semester-end wrapped (is wrapping) up well. Congratulations to those of you who graduated!

I'm still missing files from quite a few of you, and we need to have those to finalize things for grading and the school archives.

Most of you have provided your files to Annette, and she has graciously worked to integrate them into an almost-final version of the book, but we still need the following items to be submitted directly from each of you.

1. A pdf of all of your pages files that you produced for the final presentation and the book (okay if they are the same for the presentation and the book, but if there are differences between the two, supply both and label them clearly).

2. The SOURCE files for your presentations or book--this is so we can update and refine any of the pages for printing or sending to Miguel, and for archives. If we find spelling errors on your pages, we want to be able to correct the files before sending them along, and other students may have the chance to reformat or build upon work that you produced. Many of you worked in InDesign or Illustrator--when you provide the source files, put all the relevant files into a folder--the main file, plus all the linked files. Use the "package" function to collect all these together in one folder.

3. ANY OTHER FILES--in a third folder, please put any other materials that didn't make it into your final presentations--this can be research, images, maps, articles you downloaded about the topic, lists of links, or the interim presentations you made in class during the semester. Organize them in subfolders however you think will be most clear. This material may be used by others for continued research or finalization of the documents to be sent to the Orebok foundation.

Please deliver this information to the DropBox folder I set up for the class--you should have received a link/invitation to that folder. If you prefer, you can give it to me on a CD or DVD instead--I've collected some that way from my mailbox at school or that were left with Thomas Landry in the Architecture office, but I'm not planning any more trips to school unless I get an email telling me you've dropped it off their at my box. You can also drop them by my office if you wish--but I know some of you are already out of the area, so USE THE DROP BOX if you can. It is easier for us all.

I'd like to get an email back from each one of you letting me know when, and how, you've submitted the files. If you are one of the ones who turned them in to my box earlier, please still respond to this email to let me know you have turned them in.

If you're having trouble with the drop box, let me know and we'll work something else out, like YouSendIt, but please let me know.

I need to get all the missing files from everyone in the next day or two, so please respond and let me know when you've uploaded your files.

Thank you all, and have a great summer.



I know we have some important things to get through first, but don't forget that you all are invited to the semester-end party starting tonight, 6pm, at Jack London Square in Oakland. Here is a link to a map and more information about what to bring, etc.

Hi Everyone!--There is a new section at the top of the sidebar (look for the waving mouse to the right) for pages related to the Final Presentation. There is a page for an Outline of Final Presentations, with a text version of what we discussed in class--this is ready for everyone to update and expand. This will work best if there is an entry on this outline for each PAGE that will be in the final presentations. Please update with a brief page title, and name of who is doing that page. Then we can all keep thinking about any suggested changes in order, or if there is something important missing that we need to add. There is also a link to the latest version of the Mind Map for the final presentation. Also note that there is a link to the updated book template (thank you Annette!). Be sure you are using this revised template for your pages. There is also a link to the latest version of the Final Presentations Mind Map we did in class to organize the presentations.


Good luck with your preparations for final reviews in studio--then get a good night's sleep on Saturday and good luck with preparations for this class and others in the following week.  --Peter


It seems like the only way to get anyone's attention in the last weeks of school is to plan a party for when it's all over...

NEXT WEDNESDAY after our final presentations (which are 12-3) you all are invited to a joint studio/seminar party to celebrate the end of the semester--and since the common thread of our Bijagos Schools seminar and the Kaua'i (agri)Cultural Center studio that I'm teaching with Lisa Findley is that they are both about islands, we're doing an Island theme. Somehow we'll try to figure out food/music/drinks that celebrate both island cultures, but don't be surprised if it leans a little more to Hawaii since that's a little easier to figure out--but any ideas you have for how to do Bijagos food/music/drinks will be great!

WHO: The party is for the Bijagos seminar participants, including any guest reviewers, and for the Peter and Lisa's studio. Please feel free to bring along any significant others! WHEN: Wednesday, starting about 6pm  WHERE: On my boat at Jack London Square marina, in Oakland. Accessible by Bart, Ferry, carpool, etc.

WHAT: This will be semi-potluck with everyone bringing something. We'll organize more later, but anything that can be skewered and cooked or heated on a barbecue will fit the theme.


Hi everyone, as we planned last week, we will be having a shorter class than usual tomorrow to allow you all more time to prepare for your Saturday studio reviews. We will meet for an hour from 12 to 1, or maybe even less if everyone is prepared and we can be organized in advance. We will also talk briefly about the PARTY we hope to have next Wednesday evening after our final presentations.


You should all bring your near-final drafts of the pages for your digital and print pages. Even if it is just a placeholder with a text description of what will be on the page, please try to have a mockup for all the pages you intend to show--that way we can compile them together and agree on an order for presentation. If possible, post your pdf files at the top of your island group pages (see Sidebar) so we can group them and look at them in advance of class tomorrow to make things go faster.


New Island Maps from Miguel! He said he will send more links for the other maps, but please don't wait for those to do your pages--use the best Google Earth images/maps available for now, and switch them out or add better maps when we get them from Miguel, prior to the final review.


MAP OF UNHOCOMO: https://rcpt.yousendit.com/1104858221/f1f155e1fee133e826e7918c00342d2e


MAP OF SOGA: https://rcpt.yousendit.com/1104835069/d56214d0c5bbc9f0331efdfa4fc5a6a4


Please update all of your old logos with these new ones ASAP!









At exactly 1pm, we have an appointment to speak with Miguel and to ask any questions we have for him about the project. We need to be well prepared ahead of time because he won't have much time to speak, so please work to assemble a list of any questions you might have.


I already got some more information about the number of schools on individual islands, and about the "branding". Miguel thinks it would be fine to refer to this as "The Bijagos Schools Project". And he is very excited about the fundraising ideas, and the Kickstarter.com program I sent an email about to the Budget and Communications teams.


Lots more to discuss in class today!


Hi Everyone!

Here is a jpeg version of the outline of the class presentations we have worked on together. This Wednesday we will try to get it in a more final format, with input from your sample pages that we will see this week.




Finally, you can purchase your mugs, your thermoses, your stickers, and buttons! (do it.)


Here is our sample press kit we're preparing to hand over to Miguel.

Also, check out our postcard mock-up / take-away for our final presentation day!



The Communications Team



The Skype meeting was great today. I took minutes from everything said. The notes are as complete as possible from translating everything said. Please update any large errors including island names. Hope this helps. - Celeste




Hi fellow IPDers--Just to keep us up to speed, class will resume on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at the normal meeting time. Be prepared to engage in a skype session with Miguel with information on each island as well as any individual or collective questions we may have. Go team IPD on 3! 





Hi all--I'm looking forward to seeing you and your presentations tomorrow.


Here is a list of the reviewer/respondents who have said they will be there with us tomorrow--a couple of them are still a little unsure of whether they can be there the full time, but I think we will have a good coverage of people from various backgrounds. I'll update this if I get any more confirmations or changes.


MIGUEL GOMES DA COSTA--Director of the Orebok Foundation (Lisbon, and Bissau) (appearing via skype)

HANNAH BROWN--CCA Faculty in Professional Practice and an excellent project manager on her own

ALEX JERMYN--Local architect with experience in international projects and construction logistics.

BRENDA TUCKER--From the CCA Communications Department

RODRIGO (Digo) LIMA--CCA M.Arch thesis student, took this class last year, Portuguese speaker, and good BIM/construction person.

OBLIO JENKINS--CCA Faculty, excellent fabrication experience, background in web-based software applications



Just a reminder, you are planning on using Prezi, please share them with me.

Here is a preview of the prezi I am currently preparing for our Bijagos Project introduction on Wednesday. It transitions directly into the Communications team presentation and ends with our last tool, the OAN (which would then segue into the Design team presentation). Comments are welcome!


Costs and Time-Lines

If teams have information about costs or time-lines (regarding, for instance, material decisions/ costs, labor costs, transportation times ...) please share them with the Budgeting and Scheduling Team, either by uploading to the Wiki or to Cohuman (click on the relevant task, then the "files" tab) or by e-mailing me directly


Many thanks, Kristina



Here's the logos! Square (for profile pictures  http://ccas11bijagos.pbworks.com/f/Bijagos%20Logo_SQUARE.jpg


Large (for title pages, etc) http://ccas11bijagos.pbworks.com/f/Bijagos%20Logo_LARGE.jpg


and Header (for letter heads) http://ccas11bijagos.pbworks.com/f/Bijagos%20Logo_HEADER.jpg!






If you are planning to create a PREZI for the presentations next week (I presented this program last week), I would suggest getting an educational license with your cca.edu e-mail. Access it here. Then feel free to share it with me and our presentations can be all in one place. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

   - Becky




http://openarchitecturenetwork.org/freewheel LEARN HOW TO USE FREEWHEEL! (Design/Construction team should present this next week - Communication team will mention Freewheel in our presentation)




Webpage for Altobridge, who provide internet to remote/rural areas at a low cost






Mind Map from Today's Class:


XMind login: bijagos

Password: bijagos


Note: When uploading a revised XMind file for "Bijagos Mission Statement," it saves a new file with the same name (it doesn't save over the old file). Be sure to delete the old file, otherwise there will be multiple files with the same name and they will all be confused.



- Communications Team



Links to Previous Seminar Websites:




RhinoBIM link: http://rhinobim.com/

Webinar this Friday 9AM



Come prepared to work intensively within your teams. We will be running the class as an IPD work session, as a series of meetings, with each team developing their own agenda items for defining and completing the semester project responsibilities.


At the top of each of your team project pages, you should start a meeting agenda in preparation for class. I've started a sample meeting agenda with some very randomly organized topics for you to sort through here:


Agenda for 2/23/11 team meeting: (this is just a start--you should all be expanding and updating this agenda prior to each meeting)

          1. What are the specific end-product goals for this group?
            1. What are the deliverables, what formats?
          2. What project tools will this group research and present?
            1. Date for tools presentation to the group





We will spend the first half of the class in breakout sessions so you can have your team meetings, and the second half of class in a combined full-group meeting to coordinate the results. I will circulate among the small team meetings for desk-crit style interaction to help with the process.


If you haven't yet done so, please complete the readings posted for last week's class about the IPD process (see entries below, in red) so you can be fully aware of the context and goals of an Integrated Project Delivery process.


Bring to class some printed-out copies of your latest team MindMap to be marked up and worked with in our sessions, and be prepared to edit and update your MindMaps as you go along.

CLASS THIS WEDNESDAY (Feb 16th) LATE BREAKING UPDATE: READ BEFORE CLASS IF YOU SEE THIS! I just learned that some of the links to the IPD reading documents were not working correctly so it may have been hard to find the readings I asked you to do for this class--if you didn't find them earlier but have time before class now, start with the IPD Definition document, then skim the IPD Guide, then the IPD FAQ, then the IPD Case Study, in that order of priority depending on your time. If you don't get to do this before class, no worry, we'll be introducing the main issues in class and continuing the discussion so you can read them after. Sorry for the link messup (blame it on the mouse).


Hi Everyone, I hope that you are ready to do a deep dive into the fascinating topic of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), and Building Information Modeling (BIM). This Wednesday's class will be devoted to a case study field trip to fully immerse you in the IPD/BIM process, beginning at my firm (Anderson Anderson Architecture) for an introduction, and to see how we are utilizing IPD/BIM in our office and design projects, and then we will go on to the Autodesk Gallery Project that we designed.


We will meet at 12 Noon at our office at 90 Tehama Street, and probably walk over to the Autodesk Gallery at 1 Market Street if it isn't raining. Here is a link to open a Google Map, showing where these places are in relationship to CCA. Note that the route shown is based on walking or biking--if you are driving, re-do the map for cars, so you can figure out the one-way streets, or you can use the transit directions tab to figure out the bus options. Parking might be a little difficult and/or expensive, so if you can travel without a car that would be best. There is a bus that goes from near CCA to 2nd street, and the Montgomery Bart stop is nearby as well, and Muni goes down Market Street. If you need to drive, there is un-metered 1 hour parking along Tehama Street, and metered parking and pay lots all around our office. If you bike, you can bring your bikes into our office.


To prepare for the tour, read the documents on our wiki that explains the concepts of IPD. Don't worry, no exam on this material, and you may want to skim through it a bit and not read every detail on every page--use your judgment based on your time availability and what you are getting out of it, but at least you need to hit the high points through the document so you have a basic understanding of the concepts, and you know where to look for additional detail if needed.



Hi Class,


Sergio & Kate created a class email so that everyone can have access to each others mind maps on Mind42. The address is cca.ipd@gmail.com. This will allow everyone to edit other groups mind maps as they see fit. To login:


Username: cca.ipd

Password: thebijagos 


If you are using Mind42, please invite the class email to edit your map so that everyone can collaborate together. The password to the gmail account is also thebijagos. Log into the gmail account to accept the invitation to your map once you've sent it. 







Thanks, Pranay, for figuring that out and posting the note. I bought an xmind pro registration for the class to share, and I will post that log-in info here as soon as I receive it (they were supposed to email it immediately but I'm still waiting and will call tech support this morning if needed). So watch this space, and I'll post the log-in so some of you at least can try to experiment with that before class tomorrow.


In the mean time, please either try the software that Pranay suggested, or just use the Xmind in non-collaborative mode to complete your group mind map for this week. We definitely expect everyone to have a group mindmap to present in class on Wednesday, and we can discuss then the issues of online collaboration functions. So the primary focus is to have the mindmap, and if at all possible, to explore some aspect of the collaboration tools related to it.  See you Wednesday!  Peter.


Hi everyone, 

Our group came to the conclusion that you cannot collaborate in Xmind without buying the pro version. I used a MindMap in studio last semester called Mind42 (www.mind42.com) that is all online, and very easy to use. It allows you to collaborate with as many users as you'd like, and the best part is that the collaboration is in real-time, so you can see the changes your group is making to the map at the exact time they are making the changes. 


Hope this helps, if you guys get stuck using the service, email me





Hi Everyone--Please read Assignment #3 about Mind Mapping, and get started on this as soon as possible. There are some parts you can do on your own, like the (brief) reading and downloading the software, but then you need to do some of the work within your team, so I suggest you get the individual parts done as soon as you can and then coordinate your group work over the weekend. Also note that each of the teams now has its own page (see the side bar) to remind you of your team structure and areas of responsibility

Hey All,

Here are links to some albums of images of the Bijagos Islands--Ireen :)

(Note from Peter: There are some really amazing images here. All of these are from the website of the Orebok Foundation, which is our client/project partner for the semester. Most of these images were taken by Miguel Gomes da Costa, who we skyped with in our first class session, or by his brother, who is a professional photographer.)


Bubaque Carnival


Bijagos People


Book Scans


Bijagos Islands






Saturday 1-29-2011 8:00pm.

\Hello! I wanted you all to know that Assignment 2 is now on the wiki (look in the sidebar under assignments) to confirm the things we discussed in class on Wednesday. The summary is that you should set up your project topics on pages, and when you are done with that, go look at everyone else's pages.


Some of you have added your names to the Team Directory, so if you aren't one of them, please do that now! (So far the Good Kids are Annette, Shellar, Shawn, Leah, Alex, Ireen, Becky, Matt, Jon, Brittany, Joe, Josh, Sergio, Anand, Pranay, and Kristina--we are getting close to full compliance! I think that leaves 5 of you yet to sign up...)

Monday 1-24-2011 6:20pm.

Hi Everyone--a couple of you have asked me what to do if all the topic suggestions are taken--the answer is that you should suggest a topic on your own, related of course to our topic. If you can't think of anything, email me, but I'm hoping that everyone will be excited enough about some topic to think of something. This is intended to be a quick 1 week exercise to help provide information for the group.


Note that we will look at your brief presentations on Wednesday FROM the WIKI! That means you should create a page, upload some images and text, and we will look at the work from there. That way it will continue to be available to everyone as a resource. Look in the SideBar (to the right), see the heading "Individual Project Topics", and the example entry below it (by team member Mickey Mouse). We want to see each of you create and populate a page here. (and please do a more thorough job than Mickey did).


Also, everyone please check out the Team Participants Contact Info page--there is a place to put your name, contact info, and level in school (grad/undergrad, year, etc).


Welcome to the Creative Project Management Seminar!

If you are at this page, it probably means you got an email inviting you to join the wiki. We will all be putting more information up on the wiki in the next few days, so keep checking back, and I'll make more announcements on this front page, at the top. For now, you can get started browsing through the map sections, and other files that have already been uploaded, including the Powerpoint Presentation given by Miguel Gomes da Costa in our class on Wednesday (click this link).


Also, please go to the Team Participant Directory page, and enter your name, email, and contact phone info. That's how I'll know you've checked in and gotten these messages (and figured out how to do some simple wiki editing, in case this is new to you). My contact info is there as well, so feel free to email me with questions, comments, or issues with getting started.


The first Assignment, to be done before next Wednesday's class, is on it's own page on the wiki (find it in the sidebar to the right, or click this link here). Note that there are a few topic suggestions at the bottom of the assignment page, and you should put your name after a topic that you choose to reserve it. You aren't limited to the suggestions I made there--go ahead and propose your own, think of something that will relate to our studio topic and that interests you.  If you have several ideas, add the extras to the list to help others with the brainstorming. I will try to add to the list as well over the next few days, so if you don't see an available topic there that interests you, and haven't come up with one on your own, keep checking back for additional ideas added to the list, by me or other team members.


Have fun wikiing-this seems like a great seminar group, and I'm looking forward to working on this project with you this semester.




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