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Climate of the Bijagos Archipelago and Guinea-Bissau

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Climate of Bijagos and Guinea-Bissau

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Bissagos Archipelago in relation to Guinea-Bissau

Source: Google Earth






Sun Path Diagram for the Bijagos Archipelago

Source: University of Oregon Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory:   http://solardat.uoregon.edu/PolarSunChartProgram.html


Solstice Sun Angle

June 21:

09:00:  45˚

12:00:  77.5˚

15:00:  45˚


December 21:

09:00:  35˚

12:00:  55˚

15:00:  35˚






Annual Average Precipitation by Month

Source: “Geography of Guinea-Bissau.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geography_of_Guinea-Bissau






Annual Average Temperature by Month

  Source: “Geography of Guinea-Bissau.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geography_of_Guinea-Bissau







The Island of Unhocomozinho


Humidity and Wind


• Average Relative Humidity 70%

• During the June-November rainy season, the wind blows predominately from the South-West

• During the December-May dry season, wind blows slightly from the North-East “Harmattan Winds”



Sources: “Executive Summary of United Nations Convention on Climatic Change.” United Nations. 2004.

Birmingham, David.  “Guinea-Bissau.”  2009. 





Comments (3)

Annette Diniz said

at 6:18 am on Feb 2, 2011

Between the 70-80's all year!! Sounds fantastic. In June/July, does it rain when its hot?

Josh Campos said

at 10:48 am on Feb 2, 2011

Do you happen to know what the max wind speeds are since they are all coastal islands?

SfWhitehorn@gmail.com said

at 6:07 pm on Feb 7, 2011

Great Information. Is there any information on the rainfall for the mainland? This information may give us insight on conditions in the capital city of Bissau that serves as an initial hub for routes of services and goods.

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