Climate of the Bijagos Archipelago and Guinea-Bissau

Climate of Bijagos and Guinea-Bissau

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Bissagos Archipelago in relation to Guinea-Bissau

Source: Google Earth






Sun Path Diagram for the Bijagos Archipelago

Source: University of Oregon Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory:


Solstice Sun Angle

June 21:

09:00:  45˚

12:00:  77.5˚

15:00:  45˚


December 21:

09:00:  35˚

12:00:  55˚

15:00:  35˚






Annual Average Precipitation by Month

Source: “Geography of Guinea-Bissau.”






Annual Average Temperature by Month

  Source: “Geography of Guinea-Bissau.”







The Island of Unhocomozinho


Humidity and Wind


• Average Relative Humidity 70%

• During the June-November rainy season, the wind blows predominately from the South-West

• During the December-May dry season, wind blows slightly from the North-East “Harmattan Winds”



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