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Floating Architecture

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Floating Architecture  a possible solution*

*see "Transportation" page [Link to "Transportation" Page Added--Matt]


                              dock                                                                             pier                                                                     houseboat

Common Floating Applications/Terminology

Dock - floating platform
Pier - a platform suspended on pilings or concrete legs

Sona column - a concrete column that is used to support walkways and/or piers
Pilings - steel pipe or wooden logs driven into the bottom of the ocean that is used to suspend platforms  

Mooring - to secure in a particular place, as by cables and anchors or by lines



Anatomy of a dock

Cleat - a steel mooring fastener.
        Radius edge pressure treated
        2x6 pressure treated
        Concrete panel
        Non slip aluminum
Skirt board - a 2x12 skirting around the dock
Sub frame - 6x6 / 4x6 / 6x8 Depending on model, the frame immediately below the decking.
Flotation billets - the modular devices used to float the dock or structure.
        (rotary molded plastic billets foam filled)


Terminology and Anatomy info from http://www.westcoastfloatation.com/new/learn_about_docks.html 


Current Interest in Floating Architecture in the Netherlands due to threat of flooding

Firm: Factor Architecten

Sturdy foundation rests on land, building rises and falls with changes in water level along 15' tall poles


Top firms in the Netherlands conducting this work:

  • WaterStudio
  • Dura Vermeer
  • Factor Architecten
  • Tangram

WaterStudio's Stilthouses Polder

This firm focuses on 4 concepts in their floating designs:

    • lifted - a dwelling on piles;
    • waterproof - a concept that is resistant to the presence water;
    • sealed - dwellings isolated watertight;
    • floating - the familiar floating house.


Other Case Studies

Confused-Direction's eco-friendly prefabricated HausBoot (HouseBoat)


Kingsley Architects' Mobile Floating Home (Docked and Self-Sufficient Modes)


Comments (3)

Annette Diniz said

at 9:36 am on Feb 2, 2011

Will this work on the ocean? I'd like to know more about how these bodies of water cooperate or don't cooperate with the architecture.

imassis@cca.edu said

at 12:27 pm on Feb 2, 2011

Also how deep does the water need to be for the floating docks? The piers and docks seem like a good way to get materials from where the canoes stop to the island.

SfWhitehorn@gmail.com said

at 6:10 pm on Feb 7, 2011

Is there any information on typical material of these proposals? I wonder about the maintenance of water/wood and the implications that they may have on project budgets as an ongoing expense.

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