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2 Wiki Work

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These are your assignments to complete before next Wednesday's class:


1. Transfer your presentation onto a wiki page. We asked everyone to complete this part by Sunday evening, to allow the completion of part 2.


2. Read everyone else's wiki pages, and make some kind of update or comment on each of them. For instance, if you see a spelling or grammar or formatting error, it is okay to just go ahead and fix it (if you're sure!). If you aren't certain, but something looks like it needs attention from the page editor, leave a note in the appropriate place on the wiki.


On the page that you are preparing, please indicate at the top the name of the page editor, with a link so anyone reading it can email you directly if they wish. Use the following format--you can copy this phrase and paste it (and modify it) on your own page:



When leaving a note, use this format:

[Start the comment with a square bracket--that will help differentiate the note from the content, and allow for searches based on a bracket [. Use of the bracket is a standard editing mark in the publishing world--often used by an editor making comments back to an author, for instance when asking for clarification of something the author has written. Also, use red text, and italics. Red is the usual color for "markups" and "redlines" of drawings, so we will use it in the same way here on the wiki]

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