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Shippable Building System

Page history last edited by Kristina Farber 12 years, 10 months ago

Shippable Building System




With such a remote site, a prefabricated building system type with the capability of a 'kit of parts' that could designed and pieces fabricated in a controlled environment and could be loaded on a truck or shipping container. This system is only one option as to provide a remote island with a building. Main issue is to design a system to deliver the ‘kit of parts’ from the main land to the site. 


Ease of Construction

  • Materials and construction type that can be delivered without heavy equipment
  • Typically 4’ wide by up to 10’ tall
  • SIPs – Structural Insulated Panel, Pre-manufactured walls an panels
  • Designed to be handled and installed by 2 people
  • Design and construction time frame could be within 6 months
  • Valuable on-site construction time, labor, and resources



          SIPs wall panels - ease and speed of construction                                                               SIPs panels 




On company that provides a design and shippable building system is:

  Cabin Fever     www.cabinfever.us.com

A design Development and manufacturing company

specialized in prefab  “system built” structures 


      example of a small unit by Cabin Fever                                                                           construction / assembly of Cabin Fever's unit



       Cabin Fever's fabrication shop - controlled environment for precision                           section detail of unit     



[Cabin Fever has recently paired with an architect to offer more designed prefab component houses, at $50 a square foot.  The title of an article in "Builder" - "Cabin fever and Ed Binkley Offer Affordable, Eco-Friendly Panelized Homes" touts the green aspects of the project, but I didn't find any support for this claim.  I wonder what makes these designs "eco-friendly," and what chemicals go into the panels. - Kristina]



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Brittany Glover said

at 9:33 pm on Feb 1, 2011

might also be cool to think about inflatable systems.

Also found this website might be helpful for more ideas about flat panel systems:


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