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Guinea Bissau has 9 active "airports." Of the 9, only 2 have paved runways. The other 7 are unpaved, and do not necessarily have all the facilities of a modern airport.  It is very possible that they are just dirt runways for places to land on and take off from. Bissau International Airport is where all large flights usually land. The airport only opens when there is an incoming flight; otherwise the building is empty. There is also an airport in the Bijagos Islands, at Bubaque. This is the second of the 2 paved runways in the country. 



Traveling by ferry is the most common way to get to the Bijagos Islands, and for the residents of the islands to get to the mainland. There is a larger commercial ferry that transports passengers from Bissau to Bubaque every Friday at 10am. There are also a few other smaller ferries that transport people from island to island. Given the shallow waters around the Bijagos, much of the travel around the islands is done by small boat or pirogue (dug out canoe). Travelling between the smaller islands can be very costly, with prices ranging from CFA 4000- CFA 200,000 depending on the length of the trip. 



The ferry in the upper right is a photo of the actual ferry that transports passengers from Bissau to Bubaque. The photo below it (bottom right) is what is typical island to island transportation in the Bijagos. Occasionally they are used for much longer journeys, but it is extremely dangerous. The upper left photo shows a small motor boat that is used to transport small items from island to island, and the final two photos on the right are examples of the pirogues that are also used for island to island transportation. 



Taxis are widely available in the city of Bissau, as pictures in most of the photos. Some of the residents own their own cars, however, many of them ride the "Toca-Toca" which is pictured in the lower left of the slide. These vans serve as busses, as well as private vans for hire. Occasionally, a long distance bus will pass through Bissau to connect Bissau to other large cities in Guinea Bissau (pictured bottom right)