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Drug Trafficking in Guinea Bissau 2nd try

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on February 7, 2011 at 5:47:11 pm







   Integrated Project Delivery

   CCA Spring 2011 Peter Anderson

   Shawn Whitehorn
























 -Geography of the country is crucial because it has a mainland and     an archipelago; the maritime part of the country is larger than the   mainland itself.


 -The country lacks a navy to control the space.


 -The near-total absence of rule of law makes Gineau Bissau more       attractive to drug trade.


 -Law enforcement has no control because it has no capacity and no     equipment.


 -No efficient prison system!




     Lucinda  Aukarie, Head of Judicial Police


   " We're not sure how much cocaine is moving through the country, but each week we think there are tons. At the moment we believe that the drug traffickers are making use of ports and the branches of rivers"














-Military Involvement

-Government Protection


-Treasury Involvement


-Repeat of Cival War in 1990s


-UNODC Call for Action



























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