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These are our first draft of pages to be included in the final presentation.


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(Pranay, Ireen, Matt, Kate, Sergio)

Project Responsibility: Logistics

Tools Focus: Project Management Tools


Statement and Sub-Topics


As the group responsible for the logistical matters of the project, our goal is to coordinate the delivery of materials, equipment, etc in an efficient and timely manner. By understanding and evaluating the needs and wants of each group, we can begin to source, ship, and deliver materials to the site for construction.


End Product: Comprehensive timeline detailing all the steps required to gather, ship and assemble all materials required for the school, including storage of materials and any tools required for assembly and all paperwork/documentation necessary to move the project forward smoothly.

-Rules/regulations/legal/import/export (Pranay)
-Shipping of materials to factory(Matt)
-Shipping/tracking from factory to the island (Sergio)
- Infrastructure on the island, staging/building/storage (Kate)
-Implementation team responsibilities and accommodations (Ireen)







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