Team Unhocomo

Unhocomo Specifics.pdf


Project Responsibility: Schedule and Budget

Tools Focus: Schedule and Budget Tools


Here's a link to our mind map.  Please e-mail if you would like to add and edit.




Brainstorming about topics to consider organizing into your team map:

Agenda for 2/23/11 Unhocomo team meeting: 

          1. What are the specific end-product goals for this group?
            1. What are the deliverables, what formats?
          2. What project tools will this group research and present?
            1. Date for tools presentation to the group
            2. Presentation format of tools presentation

                                           c. What are some specifics as to what we need from other teams?

                                                     a. Team Unhocomozinho

                                                     b. Team Caravela

                                                     c. Team Carache

                                                     d. Team Soga 

                                           d. What are some efficient budgeting and scheduling practices that exist in current project models?






Fast Track Project.pdf  <<<<-----Hey all, did some initial research on the FastTrack Schedule 10. 

Unhocomo_Excel.pdf   <<<<-----Initial research on Microsoft Excel.  

Google Spreadsheet <<<<-----Example of Google Docs Spreadsheet.  

microsoft project IPD.pdf <<<<---Microsoft Project 


Here's a mock-up of the scheduling final presentationIPD_Schedules_4.27.pdf