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Team Soga

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Project Responsibility: Communications

Tools Focus: Communication Tools






Mock-up for final presentation slides: HERE.


The Bijagos Project on Prezi


Mission Statement:

Our approach is direct and all-encompassing to stay one step ahead in order to clearly and efficiently document, organize, relay, and synthesize information regarding the project. We not only collect, but also distribute information both internally and externally. We facilitate the relations between project teams while promoting the project to the public.


GOALS: Relay information | Stay one step ahead | Anticipate questions | Synthesize information | Organize group chairpeople | Coordinate reporting and regular correspondences


(B.Lam) Proposed Agenda for 02/23/11 Team Soga meeting:

  1.  What are the specific end-product goals for this group?
    1. What are the deliverables, what formats?
      1. Project Event
      2. PR for the Event
      3. Sponsor outreach goals
  2. What project tools will this group research and present?
    1. Newsfeed Tools
    2. File Sharing + Storage Tools - Becky
    3. Translation Tools 
    4. Long-Distance Communications Tools - Annette 
    5. Public Relations Tools
      1. Social Networking Tools - Celeste
      2. Blogging Tools
      3. Fundraising Tools (overlap with Budget + Scheduling Team)
      4. Branding Tools - Anand
  3. Who will fulfill the team's roles and what are his/her goals?
    1. Team Communications Coordinator - Annette (Celeste)
    2. Sponsor Relations Coordinator - Becky (Anand)
    3. Public/Media Relations Coordinator - Celeste (Becky)
    4. Events/Publications Coordinator - Anand (Annette)


Mind24: Bijagos Communications


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