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4 IPD and BIM Immersion

Page history last edited by Peter Anderson 13 years, 3 months ago

CLASS THIS WEDNESDAY (Feb 16th) LATE BREAKING UPDATE: READ BEFORE CLASS IF YOU SEE THIS! I just learned that some of the links to the IPD reading documents were not working correctly so it may have been hard to find the readings I asked you to do for this class--if you didn't find them earlier but have time before class now, start with the IPD Definition document, then skim the IPD Guide, then the IPD FAQ, then the IPD Case Study, in that order of priority depending on your time. If you don't get to do this before class, no worry, we'll be introducing the main issues in class and continuing the discussion so you can read them after. Sorry for the link messup (blame it on the mouse).


Hi Everyone, I hope that you are ready to do a deep dive into the fascinating topic of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), and Building Information Modeling (BIM). This Wednesday's class will be devoted to a case study field trip to fully immerse you in the IPD/BIM process, beginning at my firm (Anderson Anderson Architecture) for an introduction, and to see how we are utilizing IPD/BIM in our office and design projects, and then we will go on to the Autodesk Gallery Project that we designed.


We will meet at 12 Noon at our office at 90 Tehama Street, and probably walk over to the Autodesk Gallery at 1 Market Street if it isn't raining. Here is a link to open a Google Map, showing where these places are in relationship to CCA. Note that the route shown is based on walking or biking--if you are driving, re-do the map for cars, so you can figure out the one-way streets, or you can use the transit directions tab to figure out the bus options. Parking might be a little difficult and/or expensive, so if you can travel without a car that would be best. There is a bus that goes from near CCA to 2nd street, and the Montgomery Bart stop is nearby as well, and Muni goes down Market Street. If you need to drive, there is un-metered 1 hour parking along Tehama Street, and metered parking and pay lots all around our office. If you bike, you can bring your bikes into our office.


To prepare for the tour, read the documents on our wiki that explains the concepts of IPD. Don't worry, no exam on this material, and you may want to skim through it a bit and not read every detail on every page--use your judgment based on your time availability and what you are getting out of it, but at least you need to hit the high points through the document so you have a basic understanding of the concepts, and you know where to look for additional detail if needed.



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