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5 Island Team Organization

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Come prepared to work intensively within your teams. We will be running the class as an IPD work session, as a series of meetings, with each team developing their own agenda items for defining and completing the semester project responsibilities.


At the top of each of your team project pages, you should start a meeting agenda in preparation for class. I've started a sample meeting agenda with some very randomly organized topics for you to sort through here:


Agenda for 2/23/11 team meeting: (this is just a start--you should all be expanding and updating this agenda prior to each meeting)

          1. What are the specific end-product goals for this group?
            1. What are the deliverables, what formats?
          2. What project tools will this group research and present?
            1. Date for tools presentation to the group





We will spend the first half of the class in breakout sessions so you can have your team meetings, and the second half of class in a combined full-group meeting to coordinate the results. I will circulate among the small team meetings for desk-crit style interaction to help with the process.


If you haven't yet done so, please complete the readings posted for last week's class about the IPD process (see entries below, in red) so you can be fully aware of the context and goals of an Integrated Project Delivery process.


Bring to class some printed-out copies of your latest team MindMap to be marked up and worked with in our sessions, and be prepared to edit and update your MindMaps as you go along.

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