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Common Login for all sites:   CCA.IPD

Common Password for all sites: theBijag0s


Add here links to all the tools and applications--if there is any specific login info other than the standard, above, explain it next to the link.


Gmail - cca.ipd@gmail.com / pw: theBijag0s


Twitter - login: Orebok / pw: theBijag0s

direct link to our Twitter site: http://twitter.com/CCAipd


(Use Internet Explorer browser only)

Buzzsaw - Site: http://projectpoint.buzzsaw.com/Bijagos

               login: Bijagos

               pass: Bijagos7


Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bijagos-Project/183935534982694

App Name: The Bijagos Project
App URL: http://ccas11bijagos.pbworks.com/
App ID: 206891755992710
App Secret: df57c32a5087fc6febbb64be88aeae6c


XMind login: bijagos / pw: bijagos


Skype - login: cca.bijagos

            password: bijag0s



login cca.ipd@gmail.com

pw theBijag0s



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