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Outline of Final Presentations

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Please update this with more specific designations of names after each section of who will speak at that part/topic. Each team should be dividing up the tasks/pages among your team members however you think is best. Feel free to rearrange the order or structure for how it best matches for your team.

    1. Welcome and Overview (Peter)
    2. Seminar goals and format (Peter)
    3. Concepts of IPD and BIM (Peter)
    4. Introduction of Respondents (Peter)
    5. Self-Introductions of Teams (everyone in class)
  2. RESEARCH: _____
    1. Communications Team Report (Intro to Book 1 + Communications here)
      1. Mission
      2. Project Introduction
      3. Tools
    2. Design Team Report (Name? (Alex, Sam, Jon, Rich))
      1. Mission Sam
      2. Precedent Analysis  
      3. Design Program and Site Constraints
      4. Tools
      5. FINAL Tool selection
    3. Construction Team Report (Name? (Joe, Josh, Brittany, Nelson, Joseph))
      1. Mission
      2. Materials, Building Systems,
      3. Tools
      4. FINAL Tool selection
    4. Logistics Team Report (Name? (Pranay, Ireen, Matt, Kate, Sergio))
      1. Mission (Pranay)
      2. Operation Plan (Matt)
      3. Tools: within group (Ireen)
      4. Tools: tracking shipments (Sergio) 
      5. FINAL Tool selection (Kate)
    5. Budget and Schedule Team Report (Name? (Leah, Kristina, Shellar, Shawn)) ipd presentation.pdf
      1. Mission Shawn
      2. Funding and Timing Shawn 
      3. Tools Shawn
      4. FINAL OUTPUT Shawn





    1. PART A: Project Overview
      1. The Place and the People-Guinea-Bissau/ Bijagos Islands-
      2. What is the Need (why a school?) (Name?)
      3. Programming and Reasoning explaining intent--Mission statement (Name?)
      4. Summary of Precedent Analysis (Name?)
      5. What are the Challenges (Name?)
      6. Mission-Description of Intent (Name?)
      7. Island-Specific Detail
        1.  Team Unhocomozinho (Pranay, Ireen, Matt, Kate, Sergio) Matt
        2.  Team Unhocomo (Leah, Kristina, Shellar, Shawn) Shawn 
        3.  Team Caravela (Joe, Josh, Brittany, Nelson, Joseph)  Joe
        4.  Team Carache sam
        5.  Team Soga Annette Page here. 
    2. PART B: Implementation Plan
      1. Strategic Solutions to Issues
        1. Intro to hybrid/prefab strategy Josh
        2. Materials and Building Systems (Design+Construction) (Name? (Alex, Sam, Jon, Rich))
          1. Design Prototypes -fully prefab NAME- hybrid prefab Jon 
        3. Design and Construction Implementation Joseph
          1. Recommendations on Methods of Construction (Construction team)
        4. Logistics (Sergio, Matt, Ireen, Kate, Pranay)
          1. IPD/Project Management Structure: Shipping Scenario 1 - Matt
          2. Shipping Scenario 2 - Kate
          3. Shipping Scenario 3 - Sergio
            1. Rules/Regulations for All of the Above - Pranay 
          4. Implementation Team Scenario 1 - Ireen
          5. Implementation Team Scenario 2 - Ireen
          6. Implementation Team Scenario 3 - Ireen
        5. Budget and Schedule (Name? (Leah, Kristina, Shellar, Shawn))
          1. Template Schedule Kristina
          2. Template Budget Leah and Nelson
          3. Fundraising Shellar  
        6. External Communications/PR (Annette, Becky, Celeste, Anand)) Find it Here. 





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