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Island Party Info

Page history last edited by Peter Anderson 10 years, 3 months ago

Who is coming to the Party? The island-themed party is for our seminar and for the studio that Peter and Lisa Findley are teaching, along with any of your (close) friends you want to bring along. It's fine to bring significant others, +1s, visiting friends or family from out of town, etc. We can spill over onto the surrounding dock as need be so as to not sink the boat...


What to Bring? This is mostly a pot luck party, so bring along food and drink to cover your posse, and we'll also have some snacks and fruit and dessert-type things to supplement, and utensils like plates and forks and glasses. We'll have one or two barbecues set up, so if you want to bring something to grill that would be okay (no whole pigs please-grills are small). We have bamboo skewers and marinades for things to grill, so bring vegetables, tofu, meat, fruit, anything that would be good on the grill, or anything else that is ready to eat like salads or snacks. Don't forget the island theme, if possible... but again, no whole pigs please, and nothing that needs to be slaughtered on site or other messy preparation. Limited refrigerator and preparation space, so we're trying to focus on things that can be put on skewers and cooked outside on the barbecues, or set out on trays ready to eat.


Where's the Party? On a boat in a marina at Jack London Square in Oakland--there isn't a real street address so the easiest way to find it is to first get to the Jack London Square area, and then navigate by finding the waterfront restaurants in the area--see map attached. The entry to the marina area is directly to the left of il Pescatore restaurant, which is essentially at address 26 Webster Street (except that Webster street stops before it gets there, and is in a pedestrian zone). Once you get to the gate at the marina, call Peter's cell phone (206-856-7664) so someone can come from the boat to open the gate for you.

Transport and Parking: You can get to Jack London Square by ferry, (from the San Francisco ferry terminal to Oakland), or by BART (closest stop is Lake Merritt, 10 minutes walk away, or Oakland 12th street, slightly farther), or by carpooling. There is street parking in the neighborhood around Jack London Square, and it shouldn't be too hard to find spaces within a few blocks. Most spaces have parking meters, which only need to be fed before 6 so if you arrive early don't forget to put enough money in to get you to 6. There are pay lots in the area as well--have a look on Google Maps before you come so you have an idea of the area.



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